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We at Smith and Crisp understand that selling your home is a process. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and persistence to get your home sold. Below is a list of points we like to consider in the process that will drive you to a successful sale.

View your property through the correct lens

Viewing your Property through the Correct Lens

Distance yourself from the idea that you are selling a home full of memories. Instead imagine it as simply a property you are trying to sell. This will help you follow your Realtors advice to get your property sold. It is hard to imagine yourself in a new home when your brain is stuck thinking about the memories in your old home.

comparative market analysis

Establish a Realistic Vision

Talk with a Real Estate professional. Your Real Estate agent will do a comparative market analysis to help you price your home appropriately, thus staying one step ahead of your prospective buyers. This knowledge will help you and your Realtor negotiate the best price for your home.

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Real Estate Marketing


Having a Realtor market your home is now more important than ever. The more people who see your house, the better your chances are of selling it. Real Estate Agents who are members of an MLS (Multiple Listings Service) and proficient in social media and other marketing techniques will give you the best exposure. A good agent will help you get the best quality photos of your property and give you tips to present your home in the best light to prospective buyers. To find the right agent to market your home, visit our Team page.

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