Landscaping For Your Best Curb Appeal

Mar 13, 2018

Landscaping For Your Best Curb Appeal

The right landscape design can make all the difference to a prospective buyer, especially when it’s beautifully and carefully executed. In fact, REALTORS® and landscape professionals estimate that a well-landscaped yard can add 5% to 15% to the selling value of a house. Houses that look good from the road carry higher price tags—a fact that turns landscape investments into money in the bank when selling a house. Here are a few ideas on how to improve your landscape:

Clean up

Spending some quality time picking up all of the leaves, trimming the shrubs , pulling down some of those vines that have overtaken some of your homes exterior will go a long way. Not only will prospective buyers appreciate it but the home inspector will too when they can see your foundation and exterior clearly and access it. Trim back those dangling tree limbs and clean your gutters out as well.

Tend to your trees

Trees can be beautiful but they can also pose problems to your actual structure. Trim back the dangling branches above the roof and the dead ones hanging waiting to fall over the yard. If any of your trees are dying or too close to your home it is a good idea to go ahead and invest in the removal of those trees. Buyers do notice the potential cost and damage that can pose when looking at a property. If you have a yard that has been completely cleared and has no pizazz consider buying some trees to plant. Leave the tags on your trees if you are buying them before marketing your home. Little personal touches will touch your buyers heart and let them know you love your home.

Add more plants

Potted flowers or plants near the front door are an easy way to spruce up that area. You can use real or fake plants. Consider using more permanent bushes, especially those that flower in the summer and have colorful buds in the winter or evergreens around the front and sides of your home. Make sure you plant your plants 6 inches out from the foundation so the inspector can still see. Another great plant addition are turf plants such as monkey grass along your driveway and walkways. If you are ready to put your home on the market right now. Consider planting some in season flowers really quick for a pop of color.

Accent your landscaping

Consider adding mulch and pea gravel to create nice visuals in your flower beds for color as well as help prevent weeds and retain moisture. Another great tool to accent your landscaping is to line flower beds and walkways with decorative rocks . For an extra touch add some solar lights along walkways and solar spot and up lights to the outside of your home. It will create a nice visual for buyers at dusk and add some extra security for yourself.