Smart Home Tech

Mar 13, 2018

Smart Home Tech

Smart Homes are becoming the new norm. As we all get busier and technology advances a market has grown for products to increase our productivity and convenience as well as provide added security for us all. These devices run on bluetooth, WIFI and infrared signal to provided a nearly touchless way to operate some of our homes most important features. We now can do things such as control our lights and blinds with the push of a button or a voice command. We can lock our doors and monitor our homes in real time from our phones and ask our digital assistance to set timers and answer questions while we are busying around the house. Let’s explore the different types of smart home devices.

Smart Lights

Smart lights are one of the most popular smart home technologies on the market. Companies such as Philips and Lifx and GE have created bulbs and strips that change color and tone with the touch of your phone, or voice command to your smart home assistance. These lights not only create a cool ambiance in your home while you are there but can act security when you are not. You can set them on timers, have them trigger with motion sensors, or simply turn them on and off while you are out to dinner or on vacation from your phone.

Smart Appliances

GE , LG and Samsung have lead the charge in making appliances that do the thinking for you. There are now smart wifi connected washers,dryers,stoves, ranges, refrigerators and dishwashers. You can now monitor the cycles of your washer, dryer and dishwasher. From your phone. Refrigerators that you can monitor , and will send you notifications to change the water filter or tell you that you left the door open and ovens you can turn on and off from anywhere in the world. Another appliance not to be forgotten is the robotic vacuum and mops. You can control these from your phone to make sure your house stays clean while you’re away.

Smart Security

The days of having to have a hardwired in security system are over. All though hard wired systems offer some advantages much simpler options are now available. Components of today’s new age home security go beyond an alarm that sounds. You have the options of mixing and matching cameras, motion sensors, automated locks and lights. Some options require subscriptions , some are totally wireless and some require some wiring. Simplisafe offers packages from $200-$400. It offers up completely wireless monitoring with sensors for flood, fire, freeze, a camera, remote , keypad and siren. You can buy their prepackaged option or build your own package with the components you wish to have. Abode Home Security offers a similar kit for around $300 with no contract required. If you are wanting to monitor your home with just a few sensors, lights and a camera then you can easily build your own with the Samsung Smart Things hub any any compatible light and camera system. Smartthings has an array of sensors that can be set to notify you and do different actions you program. All of theses options of course you can monitor from your phone.

Smart Assistants

Lastly and certainly not least to be mentioned are the ever popular voice command assistant. These are made by Amazon and Google and allow you to talk your smart home system if you have one or just simply play personal assitant to your busy life. Both Amazon Alexa and Google offer different options and have different advantages. Amazon carries the buying power to voice command it to purchase things . Google is more friendly to normal speech patterns than Alexa. Both have the ability to voice command your smart home accessories, make phone calls in a limited capacity, tell you the weather forecast, traffic report, and read your events calendar.

There are so many options to make your home a smart home. If you are a busy person or travel a lot it definitely something to consider. Remember to shop around on these types of products and do your research before you buy. You can find reviews online and watch youtube videos on the different products that will give you an idea of how and how well they work