How To Start Your Home Search

Mar 13, 2018

How To Start Your Home Search

Searching for a home is a process with lots of things to consider. Of course calling a Realtor and getting pre-approved with a great local lender are great to insure you get a good team to guide you to the best decision but knowing what you want is very important as well. Here are a list of things to consider.


Where your home is located in relation to where you work, the things you enjoy doing, and the school district you want to be in is very important. Some people prefer to be far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and others would rather be centrally located work,school and recreation. It is important to decide which you want.

Neighborhood Amenities

If you are not in for living the country life and desire somewhere in town there are some things to consider. Neighborhoods with homeowners associations can offer community recreational areas, pools , golf course and tennis courts. Now be aware that being apart of a home homeowners association means often paying dues and being subject to their rules. If that does not appeal to you then simply being in a neighborhood that is near the community park or school may be a great option for you.

How Much Space You Need

Indoor and outdoor space is very important. Consider what size yard you need and want. If you have future plans for a pool,have a dog , or maybe do not want to do much yard maintenance that is a factor to consider. Indoor space is important as well. How many bedrooms and bathrooms are standard to think about about but if you consider yourself a master chef or like to have family gatherings then a bigger kitchen or living space may be required.

Are you willing to repair or update?

Homes are investments and unless you are building your own home or buying newly built homes you probably will have to repair or want to update the property you buy. Know your budget when you go into the search process. You may have some finances set aside for repairs or updates upfront or be eligible for a home repair loan after purchase. Know how much you are willing to spend initially and if you have any desire to update a home overtime. Updates are a great opportunity to gain equity for resale.